Verifying goals,
           accomplishing objectives.

Plan Design

Whether you have an existing plan or are establishing a new plan, we will take a consultative approach to ensure your plan’s provisions best fit your employee benefit objectives. Selecting the appropriate plan provisions can save your business thousands of dollars each year by ensuring contribution and benefit efficiency.

We take into consideration the objectives of the Plan Sponsor in determining which type of document best suits their needs. Generally, we find that our volume submitter document will provide the greatest flexibility to meet potential future plan design changes that the Plan Sponsor may desire to implement.

We sponsor IRS approved standardized and non-standardized prototype documents, as well as, our volume submitter document.

In addition to the plan document we provide the Plan Sponsor with the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and all necessary plan administrative forms.

We also provide clients with a Plan Highlights document at no additional cost. This document is a slimmed down version of the SPD and serves as an employee communication piece that answers the most frequent questions participants normally ask your HR department. Additionally, we can provide you with the SPD in Spanish for an additional fee.

Should the design of your plan require a determination letter, our CPA consultants have the ability to represent you with the IRS.

We monitor your plan on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with all required amendments and annual notices such as safe harbor, automatic enrollment and qualified default investment arrangement notices.