Utilizing knowledge,
           solving problems.

General Consulting

At KJ Retirement Consultants we are more than just a TPA. You may not need our consulting expertise on an ongoing basis but it is nice to know that it is there when an issue arises.


An IRS or DOL audit may appear to be a "routine" until they find something. Care needs to be taken in preparing information requested for the audit and answering questions during the audit process. As Certified Public Accountants, we represent our clients during the audit through a Power of Attorney.

Plan Corrections

Occasionally in the conversion process of a plan, we notice that the plan has not been administered correctly by the prior Third Party Administrator (TPA) or the Plan Sponsor has not provided the correct information to the TPA.

If these types of situations occur, we will consult with you on the issue, prepare corrections that will be acceptable to the IRS and represent you if necessary. We are knowledgeable regarding all of the IRS correction programs.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

The review and determination of a QDRO can be very time consuming for small employers. We can draft your QDRO procedure, review the QDRO, prepare all required communications and determine the amount of the account balance to be assigned to the Alternate Payee(s).

Employee Communications

Our employee communication services are customized to meet your needs. Examples are:

Plan Highlights – this document is a slimmed down version of the SPD and serves as an employee communication piece that answers the most frequent questions participants have.

Employee Presentations – you tell us your objectives and the target audience and we design presentations to ensure participants understand the value of their retirement plan.

Written Communications – we can address just about any retirement plan issue. Written communications can be distributed to plan participants or made available on your website. Examples of these communications include asset allocation strategies, explanation of distribution options, and retirement plan balance projections.